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What We Offer

24/7 Support

We pride ourselves in providing around the clock support. With a ticket system in place, we have any of your queries covered with lightning speed. Here at LootNotify, no question is too big or small to not be answered.

Top Restock Monitors

Our stringent restock monitors are sure to notify you of the newest releases and restocks to boost your kick game. No matter the website, if there is potential profit, our monitors will have you covered – always.


With every profitable item notified, we take great care in providing resell price targets of which are consistently updated. This allows you, to speed up sales and maximise your profits alongside us.

Ticket Flips

We aim to diversify your ways of making money. Therefore, our designated ticket channel aims to notify members of any profitable events such as festivals/concerts to hop in on. Ultimately, ticket flips are an invaluable method of making money as it requires zero physical inventory storage.


ACO consists of highly experienced botters that will essentially use their bots for your benefit. For sites that drop highly profitable items, the bot runners have a very high chance of getting multiple pairs compared to the average individual.You sit back and let the botters do their thing on drops.We have both raffles and FCFS bot runners.

Free Bots

Our team is equipped with expert developers who engineer bots for online promotions. Simply put, these bots increase chances of winning prizes in competitions and serve as one of our most popular money-making methods.

Group Buys

We combine ourselves with other highly sought-after bots to help YOU purchase them at either retail or a discounted value, allowing you to minimise your expenses. Instead of paying extortionate amounts on secondary markets such as BOTMART, we aim to cut your expenses.

Lowkey Flips

If it makes money, we’ll ping it. Our lowkey flips range from collectibles to kayaks and essentially provide an easy way to build capital.

Free Amazon Products

We have teamed up with highly reputable amazon sellers to allow our members the ability to get free items! Our designated amazon channels are constantly being updated with items for our members to enjoy.

Brick flips

Brick flips are a great way to build capital. Our server is well-equipped with Brick flip providers who search for highly profitable sneakers with quick selling times, sitting on sites with low attention.

Instore information

We have a group of individuals scouted across the UK with information on profitable sneakers, electronics and much more.

Much More

We can carry on listing everything we provide but that's boring. Come and join us!


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Check out our most asked questions

No, there is nothing required before joining. As a team, we provide you with detailed guides,lowkey flips and 24/7 support. This ensures you have everything you need to start reselling on the right foot!

Fortunately there is not a fixed amount you need to start with as members start with various amounts of money. To make sure you are getting your moneys worth we would recommend you having £200+ which would allow you to have opportunities to purchase the most profitable flips.

Reselling is a risk free industry, if you are having a difficult time selling a product you can simply return it which prevents you from selling under retail price and losing money. Each store is legally required to accept returns if an item is unwanted.